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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a treatment involving breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment.

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Chamber Oxygen Therapy

The benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment are vast, and additional benefits are being discovered constantly. HBOT uses pure oxygen in a pressurized environment to treat health problems such as decompression sickness, wounds that won’t heal, brain injuries, and many more. When your body is exposed to air pressure two to three times higher than normal, your lungs gather much more oxygen which can be carried throughout your body to promote healing.

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Aids in Wound Healing

Aids in Wound Healing

HBOT treats wound injuries by delivering oxygen-rich plasma to tissue starved for oxygen. When you sustain a wound, the body’s blood vessels are damaged, causing fluid to leak into tissues and swelling. HBOT reduced swelling while increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood, leading to wound healing.

Strengthens the Body's Immune System

Strengthens the Body’s
Immune System

HBOT can block the toxins of harmful bacteria and increase oxygen concentration in the tissues. This aids in the body resisting infection. HBOT also improves the effectiveness of white blood cells in fighting infection.

Prevents Reperfusion Injury

Prevents “Reperfusion Injury”

Reperfusion injury, also known as ischemia-reperfusion injury, is severe tissue damage that occurs when the blood supply returns to tissues after they’ve been deprived of oxygen. A common reperfusion injury is a crush injury. HBOT helps the body seek out problem molecules and aids in healing.

Encourages the formation of new skin cells

Encourages the Formation
of New Skin Cells

HBOT encourages new blood vessel formation and stimulates cells to produce new substances, leading to healing. Regular HBOT treatments are also thought to increase skin elasticity and stimulate collagen production, which can lead to reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

Aids in Pre and Post Surgery Recovery

Aids in Pre and Post Surgery Recovery

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy aids in pre and post surgery recovery by providing your body with 10-15 times its normal supply of oxygen. Pre-surgery, this optimizes oxygenation of tissue prior to the procedure and can accelerate healing. Post-surgery, HBOT promotes healing by activating the body’s natural healing processes, reducing swelling and discomfort, and helping revive damaged tissue.
Promotes Brain Health and Improves Mental Health​

Promotes Brain Health and Improves Mental Health

HBOT induces neuroplasticity, leading to the repair of chronically impaired brain functions. It reduces cognitive decline, including decline in memory function and cognitive abilities. HBOT can also help treat mental health conditions and aid in recovery from concussions and traumatic brain injuries.
Reduces Inflammation and Repairs Soft Tissue

Reduces Inflammation and Repairs Soft Tissue

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy creates an oxygen-rich environment, which can reduce inflammation and swelling by providing much-needed oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the affected areas.

Additional Conditions Which Can Benefit from
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment in OKC

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

During your treatment, you’ll be lying comfortable in the chamber. You can listen to music, watch TV, or even nap.

Treatment length can vary, but typically lasts around 1 hour.

No, but many of our patients utilize their HSA to cover the cost of treatment. Each HSA provider is different, so we recommend contacting them prior to scheduling an appointment.

Each patient receives an individual treatment plan depending on their specific needs. The exact number of treatments will also be determined by how you respond to HBOT.

During your treatment, you may experience pressure in your ears – similar to flying in an airplane or driving up a mountain. These effects can linger post-treatment, but our office can advise you on several methods to relieve the pressure.

Yes! Contact us today to learn about our special pricing packages. 


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