Choose Chiropractic Treatment
for Back Pain Relief

Your spine has an important job to do, supporting your entire central nervous system. Correct problems leading to injury and back pain at their source with gentle chiropractic care!

Personalized Chiropractic Care for Back Pain Treatment

Most neck and upper back pain originates from a combination of factors, including injury, poor posture chiropractic subluxations, stress, and disc problems. Our chiropractic treatment gets to the root of your back pain and offers a comprehensive solution. We’ll analyze the source of your pain and work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. Let’s work together to create a recovery plan and prevent your back pain from returning!

Why Choose Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain?

Correct Subluxations Triggering Back Pain

If you lean your head forward when you sit at a computer, or look in the mirror and notice your head tilted or one shoulder higher than the other, then you may be experiencing subluxation. Subluxations (subtle vertebrae misalignments) can wreak havoc on your musculoskeletal system. While subtle, these imbalances can trigger a range of painful issues like pinched nerves, herniated discs, and muscle spasms.

Resolve Issues from Poor Posture

Poor posture throws off your spine’s natural curvature and balance, leading to minor injuries and inevitable pain in your knees, hands, hips, neck, and back. Poor posture can also cause neck pain and headaches. It is easy to get into bad posture habits without even realizing it – even an activity like reading in bed can lead to pain, headaches, and more severe problems.

Reduce Physical and Mental Stress

A common sign of physical and mental stress is when people unconsciously contract their muscles, causing pain in the neck, upper back, and lower back. Over time, this stress leads to chronic tightness and increases your risk of spinal injury in the neck and back.

Help Herniated or Damaged Discs Heal

The discs in your cervical spine can herniate or bulge, putting pressure on nearby nerves. Don’t resort to invasive disc surgery until you’ve given gentle chiropractic care a try! Chiropractic care creates a healthy environment for your spine to heal itself with oxygen, nutrients, and proper alignment.

Let JBS Chiropractic help you live your best life

Don’t let back pain or neck pain dominate your life. You deserve to live pain-free and enjoy life. We can help! Take the first step today by scheduling a free consultation at JBS Chiropractic in Oklahoma City!